👎 Groove Funnels Is Junk! {Don’t Waste Your Money 💵}

Groove Funnels is SCRAP! {Do Not Waste Your Cash}

Directly Dumpster Fire over there at Groove Funnels.

The item was buggy when I purchased is 6 months earlier, so I returned to Clickfunnels and returned throughout Mike Filsaime’s launch week just to discover the software application is not working.

It’s been a week, I have actually sent out chats, videos, and screenshots, and absolutely nothing, still states I need to be an admin to conserve my work SMH.

Others are having the concern also. As I saw in the neighborhood online forum, someone considering that 6-18-2020!

What’s even sadder this is among their primary selling indicate rapidly construct HTML affiliate websites, and it directly does not work!

Horrible product or services.

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