A complete beginners guide to working with GroovePages

Are you a rookie and do not understand where or how to begin?

In this brief guide we will present you to a tool called GroovePages. You will discover exactly what does it do, how to utilize it and what can you develop with it.

8:00– What is GrooveFunnels?
9:40– What is GroovePages?
14:46– Action # 1: What is GroovePages for?
20:04– Action # 2: How to Start Creating my Website or a Page?
20:30– Structure and Checking Out a Website with GroovePages
26:55– Design templates, Containers, and Style Blocks
29:09– Wireframe Blocks
30:00– Components (Images, Texts, Backgrounds, Colors, and etc.).
32:56– Pages.
34:42– Pop-ups.
37:52– Specialist Mode.
38:44– Styling and Creating.
46:44– Custom-made Elements.
47:19– Making a New Website with GroovePages.
54:51– Publishing Your Website.
58:54– Website Settings.
1:00:43– Action # 4– Developing Custom-made Pages.
1:04:58– Q&A Time.
1:05:38– Is it utilizing the brand-new GroovePages editor?
1:06:13– Can you hold a future training on how to offer our own design templates or blocks?
1:07:01– Do I require to acquire hosting or is simply pointing my domain to GrooveFunnels enough?
1:08:09– How to connect pages and browse to another page? (How to make a navigation menu?
1:11:15– How to link my cart to my sales pages?
1:12:13– Can I drag an aspect onto a blank area without any container?
1:14:48– What rights do I need to utilize the images in the design templates?
1:17:52– How to make the image parallax?
1:19:07– Can I erase an image in my image library?
1:19:26– Are design templates pre-designed to have one H1? Exists a method to rapidly understand which is a H1 or H2 on a design template?
1:20:04– Exists a method to have the menu stay fixed on the header?
1:20:57– Will there be folders offered for various domains to conserve our pages and websites?
1:21:36– Does Groove permit ‘webp’ image format files?
1:21:42– When releasing to my own domain, will it ask me to confirm ownership?
1:22:51– Can the red check mark conserve procedure be set to yellow or another color as quickly as the modifications end up being all set and not yet conserved?
1:23:27– When I develop my page, do I need to go into the slug?
1:23:59– Exists any distinction when utilizing a MacBook Pro?
1:24:32– What is the name of the YouTube channel?
1:24:50– Can I link my domain to my page now while developing my site?
1:26:05– Can you reveal which video tutorial about linking my autoresponder?
1:26:51– Exists a ready-made design template for an opt-in page?
1:28:08– Is this an open source app?
1:28:14– Are the pages online search engine friendly?
1:31:24– Exists an image limitation on the image gallery totally free accounts?
1:32:45– OUTRO.

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