ClickFunnels: What Are Clickpops and How to Use Them

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What is a clickpop?: 0:05

How to get the clickpop code: 1:15

What to do with the clickpop code and which part to put where: 3:05

Hey all!

In this video, I reveal you how to utilize the ClickFunnels clickpop. It’s generally another popup that you can utilize either on a ClickFunnels page or any web page you desire! You would merely require to choose ANY page you wish to have popup, and after that click ‘clickpop’ in the settings.

This is a beneficial tool if you desire more than 1 popup on your ClickFunnels page or you desire a a lot more popular popup that will fill the entire page or grey out the whole background so the attention goes to the popup.

The method you would do this is get the clickpop code from the ‘publishing’ choice bar on the page you wish to utilize as a popup. I would utilize a note pad for this and simply copy and paste the whole code therein, however then different 2 areas, whatever after the ‘script’ and prior to the ‘script’ ought to be different from the very first area. This is due to the fact that the very first part of that code is for the real popup URL and any hold-ups or ‘on mouse exit’ commands, whereas the 2nd part is the real code that is needed to make the popup effectively appear.

The other 2 choices you have when taking your clickpop code is the time hold-up in seconds and the ‘on mouse exit’ function. This will permit you to figure out whether you desire the popup to appear x amount of seconds after the page loads or have it turn up as the user will leave the page. You can likewise input the customized link text and the image. For the text, that is not needed given that we can simply input our URL into any text and link it to reveal the popup when clicked. For the image nevertheless, I would suggest pasting the real URL of the clickpop page and not utilizing the function offered in clickpops ever since you will likewise require to utilize some HTML to focus the image and change it’s size, which can be a headache.

However after you copy the ClickFunnels clickpop code, you can go to any web page you wish to and insert that code into the footer area of the page. So the whole code that we copied ought to be pasted here. Now, if you fill the page, the popup must reveal depending upon the time hold-up or ‘exit on mouse’ function you have actually picked.

Nevertheless, if you desire the clickpop to appear after clicking any button or text, you would require to copy just the very first URL you see in the code we copied type the very first part – the one beginning with ‘https’ and ending with the apostrophe. You can copy that clickpop URL and simply paste it into whatever button or text you wish to have it related to so that you clickpop will reveal!

That’s it!

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