Helium10 Review: Is It The Ultimate Toolbox for Amazon Sellers?

There’s a great deal of cash to be made by offering items on Amazon.

However you can’t simply select any random item, toss up a listing and anticipate it to offer well.

Smart Amazon sellers do their research study initially.

They discover concealed gem items that do not have as much competitors.

They determine which keywords to target.

Helium10 Evaluation

Last upgraded: Mar 27, 2021
At first released: Mar 27, 2021
Item ranking: 4.7/ 5.0

tl; dr Summary
If you’re offering on Amazon, then Helium10 is an important suite of tools that will make your life a lot easier.

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And they enhance their item list around those keywords so they can begin getting that sweet Amazon traffic.

Doing this kind of research study by yourself is really hard and lengthy. A lot so that you most likely will not wind up doing it at all.

Fortunately, there’s a much better method.

Which’s with Helium10 professional suite of tools. It’s the important toolkit for any Amazon seller and I’m going to reveal you what’s within in this Helium10 evaluation

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

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What Is Helium10?

Helium10, established by Manny Coats and co-founder Guillermo Puyol, is a suite of tools created to assist Amazon Sellers in a range of methods, from item choice to noting optimization and more.

The suite is comprised of 17+ various Amazon-based tools organized into among 4 core classifications, consisting of:

  • Item Research Study: Consists Of Black Box, Success Calculator, Innovator, Evaluation Downloader, Stock Checker, and Xray
  • Keyword Research Study: Consists Of Magnet and Cerebro
  • Continuous Upkeep: Consists Of Revenues, Informs, Stock Protector, Refund Genie and Follow-Up
  • Noting Optimizations: Consists Of Scribbles, Frankenstein, Index Checker and Keyword Tracker

The objective of these tools is to take otherwise lengthy and complex jobs that have actually pestered Amazon sellers for many years and distill them into a series of smart tools that conserve you both money and time.

While Helium10 isn’t the very first of its kind in the Amazon seller area, it’s definitely among the most enthusiastic in regards to its variety of applications.

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Who Is Helium10 For?

Well, clearly it’s for Amazon Sellers. However more particularly, it’s for sellers who are seeking to simplify and scale up their operation.

Whether it’s hours invested enhancing item listings or days invested discovering spaces in the market for a brand-new line of items, Helium10 is purpose-built to fast-track those tiresome and/or repeated jobs.

Even if you run on a little scale with little desire for development, the upkeep and listing optimization tools will assist you keep things running efficiently while likewise squeezing the most make money from your existing listings.

Spoiler alert: If you’re an Amazon seller seeking to purchase your time back, whether it’s to focus more on development or merely minimize your work, there are couple of much better options that really provide.

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An Appearance Inside Helium10

Item Research Study

There’s absolutely nothing even worse than pumping your cost savings into a brand-new item just to discover you backed the incorrect horse. (Existed, done that)

Utilizing Helium10’s item research study tools, you’ll have the ability to see, sort and filter Amazon’s item information to discover those golden items in record time, so let’s have a more comprehensive take a look at them.

Black Box Tool

This is their main item research study tool.

You can nearly think about Black Box as an online search engine on top of Amazon online search engine, however with a comprehensive variety of filters to limit items that fit your requirements.

For instance, I can discover items in the ‘Cooking area and Dining’ classification that satisfy my preferred rate variety, evaluation count, delivering tier, seasonality, sale to examine ratio and numerous more data-points.

black box

And it’s not simply items.

This user interface enables you to change in between items, keywords, rivals and item targeting (search by ASIN)– so you can approach your research study in a range of imaginative methods.

The outcomes likewise provides you a birds-eye view of the item, consisting of fundamental info such as the variety of images, variations, weight and listing age, along with sales figures and patterns in time.

 view of the product


This belongs to the complimentary Helium10 Chrome extension, and it enables you to examine the Amazon items result pages you’re taking a look at.

All you require to do is trigger the extension, pick the Xray alternative and it will produce an analysis of all the items on the existing page, consisting of earnings, rate, evaluation counts and FBA costs.

Xray-Amazon product research

This is a somewhat more “old-fashioned” method of doing item research study and I personally choose the functions Black Box uses for this kind of thing, however you can never ever have sufficient information to deal with.

If you have actually ever utilized JungleScout then you’ll be really acquainted with this tool. The greatest distinction, nevertheless, is that Xray is complimentary to utilize.

Evaluation Downloader

This is another function from the complimentary Chrome extension, and as the name recommends, it enables you to download the evaluations from particular Amazon items.

Unlike a lot of evaluation extraction tools, this provides you the capability to pre-filter evaluations that are really valuable to you, consisting of restricting by validated evaluations, examines with images or evaluations of a specific star ranking.

Review downloader

You can utilize this tool as part of your item research study, consisting of taking a look at unfavorable evaluations on completing items to offer your own item an unique benefit because location.

You can likewise utilize this by yourself item listings to recognize brand-new keywords that aren’t currently being made use of, specifically when paired with other Helium10 tools such as Frankenstein (more on that later).

Stock Levels

Yet another function of the complimentary Chrome extension, Stock Levels enables you to examine the stock of any Amazon item listing.

This tool will examine all seller accounts of a provided item and return the specific stock level for each of those sellers — presuming it’s under 1,000 systems. (Yes, this leverages the “checkout technique” that the majority of people need to do by hand.)

Inventory Levels

Whether you’re a personal label seller, wholesaler or arbitrager, you can utilize this info to edge out your rivals for the buy box, and even recognize possible hijackers.


You’ll discover this one in the Helium10 control panel, and it will assist you recognize seasonality in various specific niches by studying the efficiency of particular items in time.

Unlike the previous tools, you will need to provide the ASINs and keywords which suggests being more purposeful about the items you wish to research study rather than tossing a large internet.


As soon as you provide this info, nevertheless, Helium10 will draw back the prices and sales rank of that item in time. You can even see this information all the method to an items simple starts.

You’ll likewise get a Google Trends photo for your keywords to see if there are seasonal resemblances in Google’s own online search engine.

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Keyword Research Study

Like any online search engine, Amazon still relies greatly on keywords to comprehend when and where to reveal your item listing.

While you can definitely make informed guesses about what particular keywords you ought to be utilizing to explain your item, absolutely nothing beats difficult information. As you can most likely think, Helium10 has a number of convenient tools for precisely that.


Magnet (or Magnet 2.0 thanks to a current user interface upgrade) is the primary keyword research study tool in the suite. It enables you to produce a list of countless keywords from a list of several seed keywords.

This will assist you reveal search terms individuals are utilizing to discover items comparable to yours, indicating you can plug the exact same keywords into your own listing to get more eyeballs on your item.

Magnet keyword research

Unlike other keyword research study tools, Magnet has the ability to draw back associated keywords that are greatly various to the seed keywords due to the fact that it reverse engineers the keyword profiles for any items it discovers.

Naturally, you can likewise filter and slice the keyword list to drill down the information, such as setting a minimum search volume, variety of words, or based upon their exclusive Magnet IQ rating– the relationship in between the variety of completing items and the search volume.

Finding untapped keywords is among the simplest and most reliable methods to get more natural reach on Amazon, and this tool makes it stupidly simple to reveal those gems.


With all the buzz surrounding Magnet, what space could Cerebro potentially fill?

While Cerebro is another keyword research study tool, it’s not seed keyword-driven like Magnet is. Rather, it’s ASIN-driven, indicating you plug in an item ASIN and get associated keywords out.

Cerebro keyword research

This is far more reliable for single-product research study, such as doing a deep-dive into a particular rival.

To offer you one example, this can offer you insights into the high-volume keywords a single item ranks for, and eventually which keywords drive the majority of their sales. Naturally, you can slice and filter this information comparable to what you can do with Magnet.

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Continuous Upkeep

If you currently run a recognized Amazon shop and you’re not seeking to broaden your line of product, you may discover little usage for the previously mentioned tools.

With that being stated, even preserving an existing shop can have its obstacles, whether it’s keeping tabs on sales patterns, keeping an eye on unanticipated modifications to your listings, or recovering expenses from lost or harmed stock.

Let’s have a look at a few of the upkeep tools offered in Helium10 (and there are more than you most likely believed).


Revenue is the single essential metric for an Amazon seller, that makes having an Amazon financing management tool even more important.

Revenues is simply that. It synchronizes straight with your Amazon seller account, and after entering your item and shipping expenses, it will determine running overalls for things like earnings, margins, promos, and refunds.

You can likewise pull reports for particular period along with compare sales patterns. For instance, comparing the existing month to last month’s figures, or bigger period such as Q1 to Q2.

This level of reporting enables you to rapidly recognize unexpected dives or decreases for specific items, whether it’s to spot any holes and even take advantage of some unanticipated promo.

I ought to state, this one is just offered on paid strategies. The more pricey Diamond and Platinum strategies, in reality.


Informs does precisely what it states on the tin; It hooks into your Amazon seller account and signals you when particular occasions happen in concerns to an item (or numerous items).

This might be anything from losing or winning the buy box, an abrupt modification in the variety of sellers for that item, a modification to prices or measurements, or maybe a modification to the item title or classification.

These signals can be available in the kind of an e-mail or SMS message (or both), and you can even set ‘Do Not Interrupt’ hours if you choose to keep all work interaction remains in work hours.

The very best part is you can allow keeping an eye on for single ASINs with the flick of a switch, so it’s feasible on both a little and big scale.

Stock Protector

Using discount coupon codes is an excellent method to increase FBA sales and produce evaluations for both brand-new and aged items, however this kindness can frequently be made use of on Amazon.

If it’s not dubious rivals seeking to clear out your stock, it’s “discount coupon stackers” who prepare to make a fast dollar off your decreased margins. Luckily, the Stock Protector tool avoids this from occurring.

It works by restricting the variety of items any someone can buy from you when using a discount rate code, however the functions likewise use to items beyond promos too.

It’s a life-saver of a tool by any procedure, and you need to question why this performance isn’t developed into the Amazon backend currently.

Refund Genie

It’s clear that Amazon items often get lost or harmed, and while Amazon frequently compensated you for those cases, you ‘d marvel how frequently they fail the fractures.

Refund Genie synchronizes up with your seller account and tries to find possible cases where you ought to have been compensated by Amazon, however for whatever factor … wasn’t. By doing so, it enables you to recognize and recuperate item expenses that would have otherwise gone undetected.

The tool produces a report that you can send to Amazon every thirty days, so you still require to go through that procedure. And undoubtedly, you’re not ensured to get all of it back.

Still, a couple of minutes with Refund Genie monthly might more than spend for your Helium10 subscription depending upon the volume of sales you produce.


This one manages e-mail interaction with your Amazon clients– which, as you understand, does not work like standard e-mail marketing given that Amazon does not expose e-mail addresses.

Utilizing Follow-up, nevertheless, you can get a number of the exact same advantages consisting of the capability to utilize e-mail automation to set off customized messages and series at simply the correct time.

You can utilize this to trigger purchasers for feedback or evaluations and even motivate more sales, and design templates are offered to accelerate the e-mail production procedure.

Lastly, Follow-up offers a control panel with statistics that simulate standard e-mail marketing platforms, consisting of e-mails sent out, e-mails opened and interaction “opt-outs”.

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Noting Optimizations

Choosing the ideal item is something, however sticking out from the crowd with a high-converting Amazon listing is an entire other ballgame.

You thought it, Helium10 has a couple of tools up its sleeve to offer you an one-upmanship, consisting of tracking item indexing and tracking keywords, along with an useful tool to simplify the listing production procedure.


Doodles is an Amazon listing optimization tool. It assists you take what you gained from item and rival research study, and execute that information into your own listing in the most effective method possible.

For instance, you might utilize Cerebro to filter down the leading handful of keywords you ought to be utilizing in your listing, however it does not inform you HOW to utilize those keywords in your listing.

Scribbles- Amazon listing optimization tool

It works by taking your keyword list and breaking them down by words and expressions, aesthetically prioritizing them based upon search volume, and examining them off in real-time as you compose your listing copy.

You’ll likewise see these words and expressions as ideas as you start composing, so no chance slips through the fractures.

Phrases as suggestions in Scribbles listing


Frankenstein is a keyword processor. Once again, this ought to be utilized in combination with Helium10’s keyword research study tools such as Magnet and Cerebro.

That’s due to the fact that it basically works as a list cleaner, taking hundreds and even countless possible keywords and distilling them down into the keywords that really matter, based upon the filters you use.

Frankenstein-keyword processor

Filters consist of getting rid of duplicates, preserving expressions, transforming to lowercase and getting rid of single words of letters. You can likewise use fundamental format to your list such as areas and commas in between each keyword.

In my viewpoint, this is maybe among the least incredible tools in the Helium10 suite, however it’s still a good addition and serves any variety of use-cases as a devoted list-cleaner, Amazon-related or otherwise.

Index Checker

Previously referred to as 5k checker, the Index Checker takes a look at whether your item is appearing for the keywords you’re targeting.

It works by plugging in your item ASIN in addition to your target keywords for that item, and the tool will immediately examine the live search results page to see if you’re appearing for those terms.

Index Checker

And this does not just take a look at the requirement (or standard) Amazon index, it likewise takes a look at the field-ASIN index and the store index, and it’s not unusual to see distinctions in between them.

Beyond simply making certain that your items are where they’re expected to be, you can likewise utilize the Index Checker to recognize (and report) rivals that are utilizing your brand keywords in the item backend.

Keyword Tracker

Understanding where your items are appearing in Amazon look for their target keywords enables you to recognize locations for much better optimization. After all, an item hidden is an item unsold.

The Keyword Tracker works likewise to Google rank trackers, other than it takes a look at the specific position of your items in the online search engine (both natural and sponsored) for a provided set of keywords.

Considering that items can rank for any variety of various keywords and expressions, the tool groups them together to reveal the variety of keywords in the leading 10 and leading 50 positions, in addition to the combined search volume for each group.

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Helium10 Rates

Helium10 has a number of various prices strategies.

There’s really a restricted complimentary strategy which does not need a charge card. This provides you minimal access to the Helium10 tool suite and thirty days complimentary trial to the Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Revenues tools.

The primary Helium10 strategy is the Platinum level for $97 a month. This provides you access to the whole tool suite, plus access to the Liberty Ticket Amazon FBA course.

If you have a group that requires to utilize the tools then you ought to register for the Diamond prepare for $197 a month. It includes multi-user login, greater use limitations, and access to their Pay Per Click management platform called ADS.

Last Ideas

If you wish to be an effective seller on Amazon, you require to do the appropriate legwork and research study initially.

Competitors on Amazon is strong. And You’re significantly handicapping yourself from the start if you do not do this.

Helium10 is my individual preferred set of Amazon research study tools. It works fantastic and they are constantly bring out brand-new tools too. The bonus offer Liberty Ticket course is likewise great and it will reveal you how to utilize Helium10 better.

Keep in mind, an unsuccessful Amazon item launch will really cost you a great deal of cash. So investing $97 a month is truly a drop in the pail.

Get Started with Helium10’s Tools Today

Helium10 Benefits

Did our Helium10 evaluation get you thinking about registering for Helium10’s tool suite?

Why not get some additional aid to begin your Amazon FBA journey with these unique Helium10 rewards.

FB Mesenger Support

Reward # 1: thirty days of Individual Mentoring from Me (over FB messenger) — Got a concern? No issue. I assist all my affiliates by offering one on one mentoring with Helium10 and Amazon FBA technique that will take your company to the next level.

I deal with a multi-million dollar Amazon FBA brand name, so I’m really experienced with what you require to do to be effective on the platform.

Amazon FBA Software Starter Kit

Reward # 2: Amazon FBA Software Application Beginner Set

As part of my Helium10 bonus offer, I’m going to offer you access to 2 premium software applications that will assist your Amazon FBA company in various methods.

Here’s what you get with the Amazon FBA Software Application Beginner Set:

Chirply (Platinum Strategy)

Typical rate: $997 monthly

Have you ever purchased something from Amazon, and in the item insert, there’s some text that states ” TEXT ‘‘ Discount rate’ to 555-555-5555 to get 10% off your next order”.

Well Chirply, is a software application that can do this for you. You can set it as much as have your clients text you any keyword you like. When they do, you provide them a discount rate or complimentary present for their effort. And in return, they become your lead.

This is essential due to the fact that when you offer on Amazon, they own your consumer list. The only method you can market to your clients once again is if you gather leads off of Amazon yourself.

However that’s not all Chirply can do for your brand-new Amazon company. It likewise enables you to:

  • Setup SMS marketing automations that will let you follow up and market your leads on auto-pilot
  • Develop an expert IVR system (ie. Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for consumer assistance) to offer remarkable assistance for your Amazon clients
  • Coordinate with multi-person groups to manage both sales and assistance.

As part of my Helium10 bonus offer, you will get a totally free Chirply Platinum strategy. This would usually cost you $997 a month through typical channels. However you get it devoid of me.

Group Convert (Silver strategy)

Typical rate: $17 monthly

Facebook will be among the very best channels you can utilize to promote your Amazon items. And you ought to absolutely establish a Facebook group for each item you offer.

It’s an excellent method to develop brand name commitment, get evaluations, feedback, and get in touch with influencers.

The only issue with FB groups, is that you do not truly own that audience. Facebook does.

However with Group Convert you alter all this. This is a chrome extension that lets you gather the e-mail addresses of every brand-new member that joins your group.

You can press these e-mails to your preferred e-mail autoresponder and begin sending out e-mail follow-ups to your clients whenever you like.

How Do I Get My Helium10 Benefits?

All you require to do is signup for your Helium10 account utilizingTHIS LINK Make certain to open the link in an Incognito Window in Chrome or a Personal Window in Firefox to guarantee you get credit.

Connect to me utilizing thiscontact page And I will send you your rewards within 24 hr after confirming your purchase.

Helium10 Pros

  • Abundant item and keyword research study tools for discovering untapped chances
  • Effective listing optimizations to offer existing items more direct exposure
  • Beneficial upkeep tools for improving tiresome work
  • Supplies extremely precise information (hard to verify)
  • Chrome extension for real-time research study
  • Outstanding training offered for each tool
  • Extremely generous complimentary strategy (access to a lot of tools)

Helium10 Cons

  • Numerous tools for comparable functions (can be complicated)
  • No tools for enhancing Amazon Pay Per Click projects
  • Strategies get genuine pricey on the greater end
Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you got worth from this Helium10 evaluation Please remember that a few of the links inside this post might be affiliate links for Helium10. That suggests that if you purchase through among our links, we might get an affiliate commission for it. If you do click among our links, we truly value it! Any cash we make keeps this website running efficiently and enables us to keep producing these premium evaluations.

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