How To Get More Traffic with TikTok

What’s the fastest method to get natural, COMPLIMENTARY traffic?

Blogging? Nope.

YouTube? Nope

Facebook? Nope

Each of these platforms takes a fair bit of time to get outcomes with.

However there is one platform that has the prospective to get you traffic immediately. Which’s TikTok.

For those of you that do not understand, TikTok is a video sharing social media network. However what makes it various is that all the videos on the platform are one minute long or less.

And it’s not simply for dancing millennials.

TikTok provides substantial capacity to get traffic to your deals… … really rapidly.

I did some research study on how a few of the leading affiliates are leveraging TikTok in their company. And I’m going to show you how you can do the exact same.

So if it’s a suitable for your design, you need to leap and begin utilizing it as quickly as you can.

Why usage TikTok for affiliate marketing?

There are numerous reasons you need to think about utilizing TikTok as a platform to get traffic.

Videos are a lot easier to develop. TikTok videos require to be less than 60 secs long and the typical TikTok video is simply 15 seconds. Plus, no elegant video recording devices is required as you can release straight from your mobile phone.

You do not always require to talk. A Few Of the most viral videos I have actually seen on TikTok include individuals simply pointing or seeing other videos. I’ll reveal examples listed below.

It’s simple to utilize other individuals’s material. TikTok motivates you to utilize other individuals’s videos utilizing integrated tools like Stitch and Duet. And wise online marketers are utilizing them to their benefit.

Be a copycat. You can do truly well on TikTok simply by doing some research study and following what deal with others.

Initial things is excellent too. If you’re putting out initial material with a terrific hook, you can likewise explode also.

How effective affiliates are blowing it up on TikTok

Have a look at the screenshot listed below.

Legendary Scoreboard

I highlighted the leading 6 affiliates for among my preferred affiliate programs, Legendary Marketer.

What do they all share?

Each of them is utilizing TikTok as one of their primary motorists of traffic. (And Famous commissions)

Brian Brewer has actually been the leading Famous affiliate for a while now. And he’s currently reached Platinum affiliate status. ($ 100k+ affiliate commissions with Famous)

Spencer Mecham is in fact ClickFunnels’ leading affiliate (over $1 million commissions) however he’s likewise squashing it with Legendary.

However even relative beginners to affiliate marketing are having success with TikTok also. Darryl Gray is a 17-year old high school trainee and Austin Becker simply began taking affiliate marketing seriously in the last couple of months.

Both saw success with TikTok really rapidly and it reveals that anybody who puts in the work can get outcomes quick too.

I’m going to utilize these 4, to reveal you examples of the kinds of TikTok videos that do truly well.

( Click the images to play the real videos)

TikTok Example # 1: The “No Talking” Videos

Do not like the noise of your voice? I discovered a great deal of popular TikToks where there’s no talking in them at all.

An entire video might include you simply responding or indicating text on the screen like these 2.

Darryl Gray Tik Tok 1Austin Becker 1

TikTok Example # 2: The “Under 10-second” Videos

While TikToks can be approximately one minute long, they do not need to be. Here are some truly brief videos that have actually succeeded.

Both these videos are under 10 seconds long

I wager you can do videos like this too.

Brian Brewer Tik Tok 1Darryl Gray Tik Tok 2

TikTok Example # 3: The Stitch Video

The Stitch feature offers you the capability to embed video bits from other users into your own.

So a cool technique is to take an actually popular video and utilize their hook (that made them go viral) into yours.

In the 2 videos listed below, Brian and Darryl sewed videos from a popular TikToker called Rachel Meaders As you can see from her profile her videos have actually overcome 27 million likes.

RachelMeadersTikTok profile

They took clips from a number of her most viral videos and developed their own videos from them. And you can see they went viral too.

Brian Brewer Tik Tok 2Darryl Gray Tik Tok 3

TikTok Example # 4: The Duet Video

Duets is another integrated function that lets you play a video side by side with another video.

Once again, simply research study viral videos from other content developers to duet with.

And your own video can be as easy as simply you “seeing” the other video like below.

Austin Becker Tik Tok 3Austin Becker Tik Tok 2

TikTok Example # 5: The Initial Material Video

Similar to every platform, initial material that supplies worth does truly well on the platform. Have a fascinating hook and you might get countless views like Spencer did below.

Spencer Tik Tok 1Spencer Tik Tok 2

How You Can Start Getting Traffic with TikTok

You have actually now seen genuine examples of online marketers utilizing TikTok to get genuine traffic to their deals. And I have actually revealed you that the procedure isn’t truly all that challenging now that you see what works.

No, not every TikTok video you put out, will go viral. Even for these men.

However considering that videos on TikTok are easy to make, it’s simple to put numerous videos a day. And you can get outcomes really rapidly if you regularly release material following these shown examples I simply revealed you.

To get going, I suggest getting this $1 TikTok course called15 Second Free Leads It will reveal you how to establish your account in an appropriate method. And offer you an excellent affiliate deal (Famous Online marketer) to promote with your videos.

As a benefit, anybody who gets the course will get my list of The Very Best TikTok Online Marketers To Follow This will offer you an endless source of TikTok material concepts.

All the best!

Get 15 Second Free Leads

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you got worth from this Legendary Online marketer case research study Please remember that a few of the links inside this post might be affiliate links for Legendary Online marketer items. That indicates that if you purchase through among our links, we might get an affiliate commission for it. If you do click among our links, we truly value it! Any cash we make keeps this website running efficiently and enables us to keep producing these premium evaluations.

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