Integration How To: Connect Clickfunnels to Google Sheets – Add Orders to a Spreadsheet

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Handling, arranging, arranging, and providing brand-new orders to a satisfaction center or storage facility team is a task unto itself. And it generally includes downloading an untidy CSV or copying over order information into a spreadsheet like Google Sheets.

It requires time– however it does not need to. With Zapier, you can link Clickfunnels to Google Sheets in an immediate and send your brand-new orders to a spreadsheet as they are available in.

If you do not understand Zapier, it’s an automation tool that makes linking all your apps occur in simply a matter of clicks.

And Zapier’s going to assist me send out orders from Clickfunnels to Google Sheets with a Zap– an automatic workflow.

All I’ll actually require to do is link my Clickfunnels and Google Sheets accounts and after that compare details from my brand-new order to the columns in Google Sheets.

Initially, I’ll link my Clickfunnels account … This offers Zapier approval to keep track of for brand-new orders in Clickfunnels.

OK, Clickfunnels is linked and checked. This down caret button indicates I can choose a particular funnel and step that I desire Zapier to keep track of for brand-new purchases. It’s not needed that I choose a particular funnel, which indicates Zapier will keep track of all funnels and actions.

I’m going to avoid getting samples considering that I do not have any current orders. This will let me utilize Clickfunnel’s default sample in the next action. However when you set this Zap up, I absolutely advise putting in the time to draw in current samples.

Now we link to Google Sheets– We have links to our personal privacy and information policies in the description however generally, we keep your account details protected with bank-level file encryption– we do not take possibilities with your details. And now we simply match details from Clickfunnels to Google Sheets.

When you see this button, that indicates you can get details from the initial step, from Clickfunnels, to occupy these fields.

When I click test, we’re in fact going to develop a row in Google Sheets, so keep that in mind when you evaluate your Zaps, too; Zapier is in fact making the action occur.

Appears like a success, so let’s take a look at Google Sheets … and there it is. Easily, we linked Clickfunnels to Google Sheets.

Now, whenever I get a brand-new order, this Zap will run and send out the order to Google Sheets, constructing an easy-to-read orders database.

To set this Zap up, I utilized a Zap Design template. They make it quicker to develop a workflow, and include the apps and actions all prepared to go. If you clicked “Make A Zap” or your editor looks a bit various, do not fret, the concepts are all the exact same.

For more details on Zapier and this Zap Design template, take a look at the description. We hope this assists you be more efficient!

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