Legendary Marketer Case Study: How their #1 Affiliate Made $33,089 Last Month

If you take a look at the Famous scoreboard nowadays, there’s a name that’s been a component at the top for a while now.

Which name is Brian Maker

If you’re inside the Famous affiliates FB group, you’ll acknowledge the name.

Due to the fact that every day Dave Sharpe keeps publishing messages like this in the group.

Brian Brewer commissions

And he likewise struck Platinum status ($ 100k+ affiliate commissions) in an actually brief time period.

Brian Brewer - Legendary Platinum Affiliate

I didn’t understand much about Brian prior to.

However when I saw him making all these high ticket plan sales in the group, it ignited my interest. So I began doing some research study and diving into his world.

And after taking in a lot of his material I left really satisfied.

The method he promotes Legendary Online marketer is fantastic.

He’s entirely transparent about what he’s doing and I actually enjoy his mentor design. Plus he stumbles upon as somebody who appreciates your success.

All his funnels and promo techniques are exposed. And he discusses whatever he performs in his videos.

You’ll get a lots of worth simply from following what Brian is doing. And he’s getting a few of the very best outcomes I have actually ever seen.

Brian Brewer Commissions

So I developed this case research study based upon my own notes from whatever I have actually viewed and gained from him.

If you are battling with affiliate marketing, or simply wish to see the anatomy of an effective project, then keep reading.

Brian is the genuine offer. Yet, there’s absolutely nothing he’s doing that you could not do yourself. With a bit of work obviously.

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

Let’s dive in.

Brian Maker’s Legendary System

What Brian has actually done is develop a front-end funnel system for sending his cause Legendary.

The objective of his funnel is to get individuals to register for the Legendary 15-Day Challenge.

To do this, he utilizes a 2-page bridge page funnel Which indicates he gathers e-mails in advance prior to sending out individuals to his bridge page.

A few of these visitors will purchase the Difficulty instantly. However for those that do not, he can utilize the e-mail address he gathered to follow up with them with time.

And by utilizing various angles in each e-mail to promote the Difficulty, he gets more individuals to purchase.

Once individuals have actually purchased the obstacle, he leverages Legendary’s sales group to make high ticket sales on his behalf. Which’s how he makes numerous high ticket ($ 1,000+) commissions.

That makes up the bulk of the $30k monthly in commissions that he makes with them.

Let’s take a more detailed take a look at his funnel.

It’s a 2-page funnel, constructed utilizing ClickFunnels.

The very first page is basic. It includes a clear heading ” Live the Laptop Computer Way Of Life …”

BrianBrewer Funnel

The page targets a particular audience:

  • Somebody who wishes to begin an online service
  • Somebody who wishes to make high ticket affiliate commissions

Next, he presents himself prior to requesting the click with a call to action button.

The button then opens an appear which he utilizes to gather e-mail addresses.

When he gets their e-mail, they get required to the bridge page.

Brian Brewer Bridge Page
The bridge page includes a brief 2-minute video where he explains what Legendary Marketer is everything about.

This is very important since it pre-frames the visitor. So they understand precisely what to anticipate when they click Brian’s affiliate link to get to the next page.

Notification that the funnel utilizes the exact same style components as all the other Famous landing pages. He likewise consists of some reviews for social evidence of the deal.

The next crucial piece of Brian’s system is how he gets traffic to this funnel.

He really utilizes 4 various traffic sources. Let’s have a look at every one.

Traffic source # 1: YouTube

Brian really has 2 various YouTube channels. He has a primary channel committed to affiliate marketing. And after that a different one for Famous called Becoming Legendary.

Brian Brewer Youtube Channel

It’s smaller sized than his primary channel with a little over 4k customers.

He utilizes YouTube SEO and the videos he puts out get in between 100 and 2,000 views.

It appears his primary technique is to develop videos around the Famous long-tail keywords.

Yes, there’s not a great deal of searches. However individuals who wish to find out more about Legendary are looking for these keywords. So it’s incredibly targeted, which indicates greater conversions.

Suggestion: Brian utilizes Answer the Public to discover a lot of these keywords.

To get traffic, he includes a link to his funnel remains in the description of all his videos. And he constantly discusses his funnel URL inside the videos themselves.

Traffic source # 2 Tik Tok

Tik Tok is where Brian is seeing his most explosive development. He began in May and he’s presently at 65.6 k fans at the time of this post.

Brian Brewer Tik Tok

What he does is develop 10-15 2nd videos. These videos grow his service in 2 methods.

The very first is by cross-promoting his YouTube channel.

And the 2nd is by sending out traffic to his funnel straight.

Not every video he puts out goes viral. However he regularly puts out material that follows particular concepts that succeed on Tik Tok.

Which is how he’s gotten outcomes so quick.

Another thing Brian succeeds is that he leverages his outcomes. Due to the fact that he was getting terrific outcomes on Tik Tok, he had the ability to include a brand-new training funnel.

Tik Tok How to go Viral

It’s called How I Go Viral on Tik Tok and it promotes the Famous Tik Tok deal.

It’s a different funnel on the exact same domain. However it’s clever since it includes an additional touchpoint where he can make sales utilizing another angle.

Traffic Source # 3 Facebook Group

Brian has likewise has a FB group that he utilizes to promote Legendary. It has more than 3,000 members and it’s rather active.

Brian Brewer FB Group

FB groups are incredible since it’s a low friction method to get individuals into your neighborhood.

Brian utilizes his group to cross-promote all the various pieces of material he’s putting out like this one.

Brian Brewer FB Group post

And every post he makes inside ties into among his funnels in some method.

Traffic Source # 4 Facebook Retargeting Advertisements

Not everybody who checks out Brian’s funnel will purchase immediately. It’s typical that somebody requires to be exposed to your deal sometimes prior to they eventually purchase.

So Brian wisely included a Facebook tracking pixel to his funnel. This enables him to run regathering advertisements on FB for a number of dollars a day.

I have actually seen a number of various advertisements now appear on my Facebook timeline considering that I checked out Brian’s funnel. Here’s an example:

Brian Brewer Retargeting Ad

As you can see, he’s sending out individuals to his funnel in the advertisement.

Utilizing retargeting advertisements indicates that individuals are getting exposed to his deals all the time. And it lets him record more leads and make more sales since of it.

8 Takeaways from Studying Brian

I actually took pleasure in investigating this case research study. I discovered a heap from Brian from seeing his material. Here are the very best takeaways I obtained from putting this together.

  1. Utilize a bridge page rather of direct affiliate connecting. You will gather e-mails and it increases conversions since you can much better pre-frame your leads.
  2. Develop as lots of touchpoints as possible. This indicates utilizing Email, Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook to get in front of your leads several times. This will increase the opportunity that they purchase!
  3. Establish an e-mail series to email the leads that do not purchase immediately. Not just can you market Legendary to them, however you can promote other associated deals too.
  4. Video converts actually well. If possible, begin leveraging video in your own service.
  5. Cross-promote your material on various platforms. Tik Tok is a fantastic method to grow your YouTube. And FB groups can assist you promote all your channels.
  6. Start routinely developing content around your deal. Get on a material schedule and stay with it.
  7. Piggyback on existing occasions and patterns in your marketing. Whether it’s the election or the pandemic, this is among the very best methods for your material to go viral.
  8. Tik Tok videos can be brief. They just require to be 7-8 seconds long. And no dancing is needed!

How You Can Be the Next Brian Maker

As you can see, Brian has actually constructed this really effective system for promoting Legendary. Which has actually turned him into the leading Famous affiliate today.

And now I have actually laid it out for you precisely how he’s done it.

So can you do the exact same?

I’m not going to ensure you’ll see outcomes like Brian.

However if you follow his design and integrate it with my own Famous methods, you can begin seeing some outcomes yourself.

Something I discovered is that Brian does not provide any Famous perks. And he does not do any follow-up on the backend to increase his conversions.

( Which highlights how reliable his material and traffic technique actually is)

So here’s my deal. Sign Up With Legendary under my link and you will get:

  • Access to my Famous case research study group. You will get a real-time take a look at my own individual Famous promo and outcomes.
  • The capability to utilize my own e-mail follow-up system. This will get more of your Famous members to purchase the high ticket deal and assist you make more commissions per member.
  • My list of Legendary Tik Tokers to follow. These are individuals that are squashing it with Tik Tok and Legendary. And you can design your material after these online marketers since you understand it works.
  • Assistance getting authorized as a Famous affiliate. It can be a little difficult to get accepted into Legendary if you have no experience. However I have actually had great success attesting my affiliates and getting them in.
  • My individual aid. Plus you will get assistance from the other effective Famous online marketers inside my group

As Brian has actually revealed, Tik Tok is really beginner-friendly at the minute. Which indicates you can see outcomes quick on the platform. Even if you are a brand-new account.

So this is how I advise you begin:

Action 1: Join Legendary through the 15-Second Leads Tik Tok course ( Expense: $1)

Action 2: Work your method through the Legendary 15-day obstacle

Action 3: Apply and get authorized as an affiliate

Action 4: Include your bridge page funnel

Step 5: Establish your bridge page e-mail followup

Action 6: Start your Tik Tok account by seeing the 15-Second Leads course

Action 7: Design your material based upon other effective Famous Tik tokers ( My Bonus Offer)

Action 8: Setup my e-mail automation system to follow up with all your leads and members to increase your backend commissions ( My Bonus Offer)

This is the quickest method to see outcomes with Legendary. And after that you can utilize other traffic sources like Brian has, when things are working for you.

Let me understand how it works for you!

Start Now with Legendary Marketer

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you got worth from this Legendary Online marketer case research study Please bear in mind that a few of the links inside this short article might be affiliate links for Legendary Online marketer items. That indicates that if you purchase through among our links, we might get an affiliate commission for it. If you do click among our links, we actually value it! Any cash we make keeps this website running efficiently and enables us to keep producing these premium evaluations.

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