NitroPack Review: Does It Really Speed Up Your Site? [Case Study]

Doing website speed optimization on your website can be intimidating.

Those page speed ideas you’re taking a look at noises most likely appear like mumbo jumbo to the majority of you.

I indicate what does ” utilize internet browser caching” indicate anyhow?

Plus it can be a big time suck when you decrease the bunny hole of attempting to repair every problem on your site.

NitroPack Evaluation

Last upgraded: Oct 28, 2020
At first released: Oct 28, 2020
Item ranking: 4.8/ 5.0

tl; dr Summary
NitroPack is a problem-free method to enhance the page speed of your site.

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Yet, website speed is a validated Google ranking factor.

So it deserves making the effort to do right.

That’s where Nitropack is available in.

It’s a hands-off website speed optimization service that manages all those technical information for you.

In this NitroPack evaluation, I’m going to reveal you how it works, and who must utilize it.

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Here’s what I’m going to cover:

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What Is NitroPack?

NitroPack homepage

NitroPack is an efficiency optimization service for sites, initially established for OpenCart back in 2012. It was then launched as a standalone service in 2018 by co-founders Ivailo, Deyan and Simeon.

It utilizes 36+ site speed enhancement innovations– such as compression, adjustment, and prefetching– to considerably minimize the packing time of your pages and increase your Google Pagespeed rating.

While NitroPack intends to increase your rating on numerous page speed tools, its main focus is real page speed in order to enhance your online search engine rankings and optimize conversions.

Who Is NitroPack For?

At First, NitroPack was established solely for e-commerce websites utilizing the OpenCart structure. Implying it could not be utilized by anybody with websites constructed on WordPress or any other CMS.

Thankfully, it now deals with WordPress and other e-commerce platforms like Magento and WooCommerce.

However even if you can utilize NitroPack, it does not always indicate you should.

For instance, if your website is reasonably brand-new, thin on material, and light on heavy media such as images and video, you might not see a considerable speed boost from utilizing a plugin like this.

You likewise need to consider your existing tech stack. If you’re currently utilizing a caching plugin, it’s most likely that a few of NitroPack’s optimizations are currently released on your website. Some hosting service providers even do this for you on the server level.

Lastly, website speed makes little distinction if you do not have existing traffic. While website speed can enhance natural rankings, it’s far from a magic bullet to constant natural traffic.

In a nutshell, NitroPack is for those who have bigger websites with great deals of properties, have actually currently tired the low-hanging fruit in regards to optimization, and have existing traffic that will gain from these modifications.

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What Are A Few Of My Preferred Features Of NitroPack?

Cool Thing # 1: Changes numerous efficiency plugins

If you’re even a little thinking about website speed, there’s a great chance you’re utilizing a minimum of among the following when it concerns efficiency tools.

You may be utilizing WP Rocket or Varnish for page caching and cache preloading.

Or Perfmatters to minimize page size and variety of HTTP demands.

Or ShortPixel to resize and compress your whole image library. Or compressing images in real-time throughout preliminary upload.

Or maybe Cloudflare CDN to serve your site files from various server places around the globe.

I might go on, however you can currently see how untidy (and costly) things get when you begin integrating various tools together, particularly when you consider prospective disputes.

NitroPack provides a more holistic method that can changing each of the services pointed out and above.

NitroPack's benefits

Cool Thing # 2: It utilizes context-aware optimizations

There’s no doubt that NitroPack has an outstanding function list, however merely “doing more” is not the only factor for its over night appeal.

Yes, essentially, NitroPack works the like any other efficiency plugin. It chips away at the various technical concerns on your site to reduce the general load time.

Where it varies, nevertheless, is the method which NitroPack translates the relationship in between the various issue locations of your website.

Where most plugins will strongly enhance a resource no matter anything else that counts on that resource, NitroPack takes this into account in order to preserve the very best possible efficiency.

To put it simply:

Instead of use optimizations to each private resource, it initially assesses all resources on your website, recognizes the connections in between those resources, and uses optimizations appropriately.

NitroPack describes this as context-aware optimization and we discovered it works actually well!

Context aware optimization

Cool Thing # 3: Select from various optimization presets

When you check in to your NitroPack account and head into the basic settings, among the very first things you’ll see is a control for “optimization level”.

These are presets that permit you to bulk make it possible for functions depending upon how aggressive these functions are thought about. NitroPack will even inform you what they are as you can see listed below:

Optimization setting

NitroPack themselves suggest keeping this on ‘Strong’, as it supplies the very best balance of speed and user experience, however you can learn more about the different levels here.

The capability to use a broad optimization level makes NitroPack really simple to deal with. And you still have manual alternatives readily available to you if you choose a more hands-on method to optimization.

We will reveal later on in the evaluation.

Cool Thing # 4: You can auto-optimize upgraded material

Among the most significant concerns with caching is that any brand-new modifications can take hours and often days to be seen on the front-end.

Generally, you would by hand purge the cache, requiring the system to recrawl and shop the upgraded variation of your website. Even then, you normally need to await a brand-new visitor to set off a recrawl for each page.

While you can do this with NitroPack, you do not require to since it supplies 2 functions to automate the procedure:

  1. You can make it possible for ‘Automated Behaviour’ to immediately purge the afflicted cache when a page is released or upgraded.
  2. You can make it possible for ‘Cache Warmup’ to immediately recrawl recently released and upgraded pages without needing to await natural traffic to go to the pertinent pages.

Automated feature

Both of these functions in tandem permit NitroPack to rapidly determine and re-optimize fresh material on your website with the minimal hold-up or interruption.

Note: Allowing this will likely consume your regular monthly quota much faster than typical, so it’s an excellent concept to inspect NitroPack’s use evaluation prior to turning this on completely.

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What Are The Frustrating Features Of NitroPack

Frustrating thing # 1: It can break essential scripts

Speed optimization tools dig deep into the core files of your site and make any variety of modifications to increase efficiency, however there’s a catch.

Often, while you might get a minor and even substantial speed boost, one modification (or optimization) can straight break an essential element of your website, and it’s not constantly right away apparent.

This is particularly typical with external scripts, suggesting websites that utilize Google Analytics to monitor their traffic or websites that produce earnings with screen advertisements such as Mediavine or Adthrive.

Fortunately is, NitroPack supplies a method to omit these scripts from the optimization procedure:

Optimization process

The problem is, few individuals will understand this problem ahead of time, and even then, non-techies might not understand which scripts to omit or how to even discover that details.

This problem isn’t special to NitroPack considering that numerous efficiency plugins will toss up these kinds of software application disputes, especially the more aggressive plugins such as this one.

An Appearance Inside NitroPack

After registering to NitroPack, you’ll be admitted to a control panel, totally different from your website.

This control panel offers you the information of your strategy, existing use, variety of optimizations, setups, and lots more. You’ll even get a little virtual trip when you very first log in.

 NitroPack dashboard

The very first thing you’ll require to do is select a “Adapter”, which is simply an expensive method of stating you require to incorporate NitroPack with your selected platform.

Considering that I’m utilizing WordPress, I merely downloaded this plugin from the WordPress repository. (Surprisingly, there’s just one variation of NitroPack whereas the majority of plugins have a devoted premium variation.)

 NitroPack WordPress

Once the plugin is set up and triggered, you can copy over the Website ID and Secret Secret from your NitroPack control panel to trigger your license.

You’ll now see a streamlined variation of the NitroPack control panel within WordPress, and while you can set the general “optimization level”, you will not have the ability to set up whatever the plugin needs to use.

Setting optimization level on WordPress

At this moment, NitroPack will begin going through your website, enhancing private pages based upon the settings you have actually used.

You can even enter into the Optimizations tab of the NitroPack control panel to see which URLs have actually been enhanced and when precisely they were last enhanced.

Optimizations tab of the NitroPack dashboard

If you have any issues throughout the preliminary setup, make certain you disable any other caching plugins to avoid disputes.

Basic Optimizations

I will not get excessive into the standard optimizations that NitroPack provides. Not just since these are now anticipated of the majority of caching plugins however likewise since there’s simply a lot of to list.

With that in mind, let’s review a few of the more substantial optimizations that can be used to your website.

Code Minification

When you take a look at any code or language such as HTML, Javascript, PHP, and even CSS, you’ll discover that it’s generally composed and structured in such a way that makes it more legible to people.

While it may not look like much, those additional areas, line breaks, remarks, and format do take longer to process, suggesting the page loads a little slower than it otherwise would.

The minification procedure includes getting rid of these unneeded characters from every line of code on your site, decreasing the general weight of those files, and enhancing the load efficiency.

Doing this by hand would take a crazy quantity of time and one slip might break your whole website, while NitroPack pulls it off immediately.

Code Compression

Code compression compliments minification since they both exist to resolve the very same issue; minimize the weight and render time of your code. However compression operate in a clearly various method.

Without getting too technical, when a visitor attempts to access your website, the webserver (where your files are saved) sends out the pertinent information to the internet browser, and the internet browser renders that information for the visitor.

The time it considers the internet browser to download that information is thought about a traffic jam, therefore compressing the files on the server implies the internet browser can access it quicker since the information is efficiently smaller sized in size.

The most typical compression format for this is GZIP, which is quicker and more efficient at size decrease compared to ZIP compression, which you are most likely currently knowledgeable about.

Image Optimization

This is among the very best locations to begin when it concerns enhancing the speed of a page since it can have such a big effect. Particularly utilizing much of the totally free and inexpensively readily available image optimization plugins like ShortPixel, Kraken, and WP Smush.

They work by finding and transforming all your site images to a more web-friendly format– consisting of the Google-developed WebP format. All while preserving as much of the initial image quality as possible.

Image compression can minimize image file sizes by as much as 90% in many cases and completion outcome is typically identical from the initial. This procedure alone can slash off numerous seconds from your load time.

Naturally, NitroPack does this simply as well as any of the plugins kept in mind above, and it even has another image optimization technique up its sleeve that I’ll discuss later.

Advanced Optimizations

This is where we begin breaking away from the conventional innovation that’s been seen in every other caching plugin and look more carefully at what actually separates NitroPack from other services.

Once Again, this is not a total list, however I’m taking down a few of the most significant functions that I would think about “advanced”.

1. Amazon Cloudfront CDN

A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a network of servers in various physical places around the globe. When you utilize a CDN, you’re efficiently copying your site files to each of these servers.

Doing this avoids somebody in Europe from needing to fill your site from a server in The United States and Canada, for instance. Rather, they can obtain that information from a much closer server, decreasing the time it requires to do so.

Numerous efficiency tools will permit you to incorporate with CDN’s like Cloudflare, consisting of NitroPack. Nevertheless, if you do not currently have actually one established, then NitroPack has an integrated CDN by means of Amazon Cloudfront.

When you trigger NitroPack on your website, Amazon Cloudfront will likewise be triggered by default. And it runs in the background with no manual setup or setup required.

2. Vital CSS

CSS is accountable for the styling of your site. It normally resides in an external file (stylesheet), and without it, your pages would be indistinguishable.

Vital CSS describes the most vital part of your styling, which is the part the visitor sees initially. Particularly, it uses to material above the fold, where the user does not require to scroll in order to see it.

NitroPack has the ability to determine vital CSS and put it in your HTML file– likewise called “inline”. This implies it’s provided concern in the internet browser, triggering it to fill much quicker compared to external CSS.

Considering that inline CSS has concern over external files, consisting of JavaScript, NitroPack neglects external scripts when enhancing for vital CSS, making sure that all vital styling is in fact being used.

Unlike some optimizations, this one does not actually minimize load time as much as it develops the impression of a quicker page.

3. Advanced Resource Loading

There’s very little details on NitroPack’s site concerning this function and how it deals with a technical level.

From what I can construct out, it manages how resources are filled in the internet browser, and informs the visitors web internet browser which resources must be provided concern when rendering a page on your website.

You might argue this is a comparable strategy to the one pointed out above considering that vital CSS is likewise simply a focused on resource.

According to NitroPack, doing this “enhances render times and page responsiveness”, which offers the impression of a quicker packing page without it in fact packing quicker.

4. Advanced Lazy Loading

Lazy loading of site properties is relatively typical practice nowadays, particularly when it concerns images.

It essentially avoids an image from being filled till the visitor scrolls to that particular area of the page. This conserves the internet browser from needing to fill images that the visitor might never ever see.

It’s a bit like how YouTube buffers videos. Instead of downloading the whole contents of a video on page load, it buffers a couple of seconds (or often minutes) ahead of the existing watch point.

Numerous efficiency plugins use this function, however NitroPack takes it to the next level by using lazy-loading to CSS background images also, something that’s typically neglected by completing services.

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Our Case Research Study Outcomes with NitroPack

So how well does NitroPack work?

Well, we’re utilizing NitroPack on SmartBusinessTrends so we can show you some numbers.

For this test, I wished to utilize an especially media-heavy page with long-form material and great deals of user remarks.

So I chose to run the tests on our ClickFunnels review post.

Prior To NitroPack, without any other caching plugins allowed:

  • Google Pagespeed ratings of 16 out of 100 on Mobile and 58 out of 100 on Desktop.


  • GT Metrix page rating of 67% with a totally packed time of 7.2 seconds.


With NitroPack set up, on the ‘Ridiculous’ optimization level:

  • Google Pagespeed ratings of 84 out of 100 on Mobile and 97 out of 100 on Desktop.

  • GT Metrix scored 100% with a totally packed time of 2.7 seconds


As you can see, NitroPack made a considerable influence on this page when taking a look at essential efficiency indications. We handled to minimize our Page Load time by 61%, reduce the page size by 87%, and reduce the page demands by 90%!

Those are quite outstanding outcomes!

NitroPack Rates

NitroPack has 4 various rates strategies and they are all priced for ONE website just.

The very first is the NitroPack Free strategy This is a fantastic method to start since you can rapidly see if the service will in fact accelerate your website.

What’s the catch? An “Enhanced by NitroPack” badge will be contributed to the bottom of your website’s footer. You’re likewise restricted to 200 page optimizations each month.

Then there are the 3 paid NitroPack strategies. The primary distinction in between the 3 is just how much CDN bandwidth is consisted of and the number of page optimizations you get each month.

The Lite strategy begins at $29 a month and you get 20,000 page optimizations and 20GB CDN bandwidth.

Which prepare you choose, actually simply depends upon how huge your website is.

Simply for recommendation, I have actually about 300 enhanced pages on my website, and I have actually utilized about 1500 page optimizations with 10 days left in my billing cycle.

You can get a NitroPack discount rate by paying every year. So the $29/mo for the Lite strategy decreases to $19/mo if you do that.

NitroPack likewise features a 14-day money-back warranty.

Last Ideas – – Is NitroPack worth utilizing?

Does all the website speed technical gobbledegook injure your head? Then NitroPack will be a blessing to you.

It actually takes minutes to establish and the outcomes promote themselves.

Yes, the expense is a bit more costly than my previous preferred service WP Rocket.

However for me, it deserves it, and it’s the website speed service we’re utilizing on this website.

What’s cool about NitroPack, is that you can simply provide the totally free strategy a shot and see what sort of outcomes you get with it. There’s no charge card needed, so there’s no threat to provide it a shot and see.

If it considerably exceeds your existing caching plugin, then you can decide whether to switch completely.

Offer NitroPack a shot and see how it carries out for you. I believe you will be pleased.

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NitroPack Pros

  • Makes the most of big variety of optimization methods to accelerate your website
  • Utilizes context-aware optimization (read more)
  • Consists of sophisticated optimizations not used by the majority of plugins
  • Has an integrated CDN by means of Amazon Cloudfront
  • Predetermined optimization levels for non-techies
  • Manual optimization for fine-tuning
  • Cache warmup for preemptive caching (read more)
  • Automated habits to rapidly enhance brand-new material

NitroPack Cons

  • It can break essential scripts on your website
  • Some CSS styling might be jeopardized
  • It’s significantly more costly than completing items

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